What We Provide to Employers:
Superior Service

Established in 1986,Temp Systems, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated firm. One phone call to us will solve your personnel needs easily and quickly. We have people with the right skills for your short-term or long-term assignments.

Our employees have to meet our high standards before they can meet yours !

$$$ We Save You Money $$$

Temp Systems, Inc. will save you money while increasing productivity:
Eliminating your recruiting and advertising costs
Save expenses by taking applications, testing, screening, interviewing and checking references
Prepare the payroll and issue pay checks
Direct Deposit also available
Save employee benefit costs for your company
Save worker's compensation and unemployment costs
Decrease your employee turnover
Reduce your employee overtime
Eliminating overstaffing
Saving on fidelity bond and liability costs
Provide Free Drug Testing
Credit Checks (on Request)
Criminal Background Check (on Request)

We Save You Time
Our quality control measures assure selection of the best person for your specific position.

We can quickly supply you with as many clerical, technical or industrial employees as you need for short term, long term, or direct placement.

We recommend employees to you for approval only after they have been thoroughly screened, tested and evaluated for your job openings.

We evaluate applicant skills and aptitudes through our computerized evaluation systems to find the right person to meet your specific needs.

Extensive interviewing, testing, reference checking and drug screening are standard procedures in our qualifying process.

We review the complete record of each applicant's experience, skills, work history, education and performance evaluations.

We also do extensive Background and Reference checks before we recommend an employee to your company...

We offer free testing and training to qualified employees on
Prove It ! Computer Evaluation System...

We keep your company's record of supplemental staffing use current through our internal bookkeeping system.
We pay employees weekly.

Our internal payroll service will provide you weekly invoices by employee.

If our weekly payroll process isn't appropriate for your company, we will pay bi-weekly or monthly and invoice accordingly.
"Temp to Hire" Policy

It is a compliment to us if you hire one of our employees for a permanent position.

You may enter into an agreement under which you may hire one or more of our employees as your permanent employee after a specified number of hours are worked.

We do not charge a fee when such an agreement is reached. This practice is frequently referred to as
"Temp to Hire".